Future of Gwinnett County horse trails – important meeting

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If you’re in Gwinnett County, please attend this meeting:


Gwinnett County -
Parks and Recreation – Long Range Plan.


Upcoming public meetings for the future of Gwinnett County Parks:


Monday, Oct. 22 7:30pm – 9 pm.
George Pierce Park Community Recreation Center,
55 Buford Highway, Suwanee.


For questions, contact
Rex Schuder at 770-822-8864 or

Gwinnett County Parks & Recreation.



Following info from Debbie Crowe with CTHA:

These meetings are to gather information and desires for their county parks – including those that have horse trails  – (Yellow River, Little Mulberry, Tribble Mill and Harbins).


It is crucial that equestrians attend the remaining 2 meetings.


We had no idea about the first 2 meetings and wouldn’t have known about the 3rd if Cindy Groom hadn’t noticed a small article in the AJC paper.


If you can make either of the last 2 meetings – please -  – attend and take as many of your friends with you as you can gather together.  Wear your horse shirts (CTHA ones would be great) J


Here’s what happened at the 10/11 meeting that I attended.

  • 11 equestrians present (only 3 bikers and the rest were “ball parents”) – great showing for us and Thanks!  to those who were able to come with next to no notice.
  • I asked the following questions:
    • Do you have any plans to close any of the existing equestrians trails?  Answer was – we are looking currently only at Yellow River.  Jessie Parker is working to keep informed about the county’s plans for this park and give them input.  So, sounds like the other 3 parks are OK – FOR NOW!!!
    • Are you planning to submit any RTP grant request prior to 11/30 deadline for funding to do maintenance on existing equestrian trails.  Answer was – they would think about it.  I took this to mean no.  What a waste – the $s are there – all they have to do is submit request to ask for some of it.  If you live in Gwinnett County (which I do not), contact your commissioner and tell them to push parks & rec to submit for RTP funds for your equestrian trail maintenance cost.
    • What can we do to form better partnerships for volunteering?  Answer was – contact Kim Shealey directly.  I’ve done that several times.  I am going to plan 2 workdays for 2013 and will let ya’ll the details when available.
  • On the survey they provided, I did not ask for more trails.  No need to ask for something we aren’t going to get.  Ask for continued use of what there is.  Tell them you are willing to volunteer.
  • The “ball parents” were very vocal.  They were very upset about not seeing improvements at their park while new parks were being built that are MUCH nicer than what they have.  Some of the parents were just about hostile.  Not a good way to get what you want.  They really made the equestrians look like the good guys! (which we were anyway)


So – those of you that attend these meetings, here are a couple of suggestions:

  • Wear your organization’s shirt – so they know for sure that you are equestrians.
  • Preface any comment or question by confirming that you live in Gwinnett Co. and are an equestrian.
  • Be complimentary on what they are currently providing to us – good, quality equestrian trails.
  • OK for you to ask the same ?s I asked if you want to – it can’t hurt to have them asked numerous times.
  • Come up with your own ?s.
  • BUT – - remember – - be nice!  Make a good impression.  Show the county that you care and are paying attention to what they are doing.  Step up to the plate and offer to volunteer.


I can’t tell you enough how important it is that you attend  one of these 2 meetings – especially if you live in Gwinnett Co – and even if you don’t.


Debbie Crowe



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