2015 Membership – Join Now!


It’s time renew or join the Georgia Horse Council membership for 2015. If you are not a current member of the Georgia Horse Council, please support us by becoming a member. With an individual or family membership you will receive a $ 1,000,000 Excess Liability Insurance Coverage. Membership runs from January 1 through December 31.

Below are some frequently asked questions concerning our liability insurance:

1. What does the insurance cover?

It covers your excess personal liability in cases which you may become legally liable to pay as compensation for accidental bodily injury to any person or accidental damage to property or personal injury to any person arising out of the use and/or ownership of a horse or horse-drawn vehicle. The use and/or ownership of a horse or horse-drawn vehicle is understood to include:
• riding a horse on the public highway or elsewhere,
• leading a horse along the public highway or elsewhere,
• driving a horse-drawn vehicle,
• grazing or stabling a horse or circumstances where the horse is not in your control.

In the event of your giving permission for any person to use your horse or horse-drawn vehicle, such person will also be indemnified. If you have purchased family  membership of Association Resource Group or its Affiliate Organizations “Insured” shall also mean your resident spouse and resident children under 18 years of age.  No coverage is provided for liability arising out of your business or profession or the use of a horse-drawn vehicle for any commercial purpose, including but not limited to, the hire or the practice or preparation for or participation in racing under the rules of any legally constituted racing authority.

2. If I am a member and have more than one horse, are they all covered under my current membership?

Yes, the policy covers the member and there is not a horse limit. It does not cover business use for any horse.

3. If I have the insurance and I provide boarding for other horses and my horse causes damage to another horse or rider, can I use this insurance?

This may need to be defined further. If you are boarding horses for a fee, this is a business. If it occurs while running a business, no, you would not have coverage. If you take your horse for a ride with a friend and your horse kicks the other horse during that ride, you would have coverage (because it is not business related, it was a pleasure ride).

4. What if I let someone else ride my horse and they get thrown or hurt, will the insurance protect me against a law suit?

Yes, the company will provide defense for equestrian related claims where you are negligent or legally liable.

5. If I have home owners, will this insurance be secondary?

Yes, but it will become primary with no deductible if you have no insurance or no coverage under your policy for horses.

6. Do I have to be sued in order for this insurance to pay?

No, not necessarily but someone cannot just demand payment and you get coverage. Most accidents will come with a lawsuit if they are large. Smaller accidents will be looked at by the claims department individually. It is not meant to be health insurance for people that just fall from a horse and want you to pay for their injuries.

7. If I have a “significant other” living with me, can we purchase the family membership?

No, you would have to purchase the individual memberships. You can only purchase a family membership if you are married.

8. Who is covered under the family membership?

You, your resident spouse and any resident children under 18 years of age.


Go to our Join Now page to make your payment online any time.

Your insurance will not go into effect until we receive payment and an application. The date your information is entered into the database is the date your insurance goes into effect. You may email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Being a member of the Georgia Horse Council entitles you to special savings on products used for your equine farm, business or personal use through the American Horse Council. Visit the AHC Web site ( for more information on how you can get discounts with John Deere, UPS, Sherwin Williams, Office Max, Hertz and prescription drugs. You can buy products directly from these companies at greatly reduced prices.